'Fuller House' Trailer: Will DJ Get Engaged in Season 3, Part 2?

Season 3, part two of Fuller House is almost here, and while fans are prepared for a wedding, it looks like they might have to prepare for an engagement as well.

In the latest trailer for the show's upcoming episodes, viewers see the Tanners fly to Tokyo for Steve (Scott Weinger)'s wedding to C.J. (Virginia Williams). While there, D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) is seen being proposed to by her boyfriend Matt (John Brotherton) as Steve looks on from the bushes.

"What if DJ really was gonna pick me?" he wonders before viewers hear him say, "This could be our wedding."

The trailer doesn't reveal what answer D.J. has for Matt, and the scene then cuts to D.J. and Steve exchanging glances by a pond before D.J. jumps into a waterfall.

The finale of the first part of Season 3 saw D.J. accidentally tell Steve that she doesn't know if she'll be able to watch him marry C.J. because he was her original first choice. The fact that D.J. still has feelings for Steve is a strong indicator that the two high school sweethearts will actually end up together, but fans will have to wait and see.

Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin told TVLine before the Season 3 premiere that the season's two halves would see D.J.'s love drama resolved.

"We get back into Steve and D.J.'s feelings for each other this season. We wanted to throw some obstacles in their way, which we've done," he explained. "We also told the audience at the end of Season 2 that D.J. was originally going to choose Steve over Matt, but circumstances didn't allow that to happen. We know where D.J.'s heart is, but Steve doesn't. And I don't think D.J. is fully aware of how Steve may or may not be feeling. That big, messy situation will get resolved in the two halves of the season."


New episodes of Fuller House hit Netflix on Dec. 22.

Photo Credit: Netflix