Popular Football Series Returning to Netflix

A very popular football TV series is coming back to Netflix. This week, the streaming service announced that Friday Night Lights will be available on Sunday, August 1. Fans will be able to watch all five seasons which first aired on NBC from 2006-2011. Friday Night Lights returns to Netflix after being absent for nearly four years.

The series stars Kyle Chandler who plays Eric Taylor, a football coach from Texas who coaches the Dillion Panthers. Connie Britton plays his wife, Tami Taylor and she balances being coach's wife, mother to a teenage daughter and looking to have her own career. Friday Night Lights also followers the football players and cheerleaders who deal with a number of issues, including sex, drugs and racism.

Peter Berg developed Friday Night Lights, and it's based on the 1990 nonfiction book of the same name. Berg also directed the movie Friday Night Lights, which was released in 2004. There was talk of a Friday Night Lights sequel movie, but the project fell apart. Britton recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight and was asked about a Friday Night Reunion.

We'll do a reunion for sure, like a cast reunion, [but] I don't see them going back into that story, at least with this cast," Britton stated. A number of the cast members have gone on to do big things in Hollywood, such as Chandler, Britton Jesse Plemmons, Michael B. Jordan, Jurnee Smollett, and Taylor Kitsch.

"I heard inklings a few years ago that they were gonna make another Friday Night Lights," Britton said. "Now meanwhile, we know we've already had a movie, we already had this TV show, and then if they were to do it again with like a whole different iteration of it, I don't know. I would think that would be sort of odd."


Most cast members feel the show ended perfectly and there's no need to mess with it. "There's a lot of shows that end too early and the fanbase and those involved never get the closure that they really need," Scott Porter previously told Us Weekly. "I think a lot of us from Friday Night Lights all got the closure because it ended so well."