Netflix Horror Trilogy Director Reveals Ideas for Slasher Spinoffs

Now that all three Fear Street movies have been released to acclaim from fans and critics, director Leigh Janiak is already talking about the future of the franchise. The movies were released over a three-week period, starting with Fear Street Part One: 1994 on July 2, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 on July 9, and Fear Street Part Three: 1666 on Friday. The films are based on R.L. Stine's novel of the same name, with the films centering on a mysterious curse that has taken over the same city for hundreds of years. In an interview with, Janiak said she already has an idea for the next potential film.

"I'd really like to explore the Milk Man, '50s-era slasher that feels a little bit like Night of the Hunter," Janiak said, referring to the creepy 1955 gothic thriller directed by Charles Laughton. "That, to me, would be a fun, cool thing. I don't know that I've ever seen a real '50s slasher movie, so I'd definitely be really interested in that."

Olivia Scott Welch, who was one of the stars who appeared in all three Fear Street movies, also liked the idea of focusing on the origins of the Milk Man killer character. "I loved the Milk Man story. I think it's really crazy, I would love to see how that would play out," Welch told ComicBook. "I also think the '50s are a crazy aesthetic time and these movies have such a strong style to them, I think it would be a cool addition to the world that we've built."

Kiana Madiera, who played Deena, told ComicBook she would prefer to see a spinoff feature Ruby Lane, the character played by Jordyn DiNatale in all three films. "Another female character who I'm sure is so complex and I would love to learn more about her backstory and what we know brought her to the place that she was when we meet her in our films," she said.


The Fear Street films are all set in Shadyside, where there is a mysterious evil force that has haunted residents for hundreds of years. In 1994, a group of teen friends first learn about this curse after a series of brutal deaths. In 1978, a killer terrorized a summer camp in a Friday the 13th-inspired adventure. In the last film, Deena (Kiara Madeira) learned the truth about Sarah Fier (also Madeira). 1666 also featured scenes set in 1994, with the friends fighting for Shadyside's future. Aside from Madeira and Welch, Benhamin Flores Jr., Jordana Spio, Elizabeth Scopel, and Gillian Jacobs starred in all three films.