Disney Sends Hit Movie Back to Theaters After It Sees Success on Disney+

Disney is sending one of its recent hit movies back to theaters, after the films had a lot of success on Disney+. ComicBook.com reports that Encanto, a beloved animated film with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, will be making a return to theaters very soon. Disney reportedly did not share which theater chains would be showing the movie, but those interested in checking it out on the big screen again, or for the first time, can check their local movie showtimes to see of its playing in their area.

Encanto tells the magical story of the Madrigal family, all of whom have some incredible power, even if some of them haven't discovered theirs just yet. The movie stars the voice talents of Wilmer Valderrama, Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, and Diane Guerrero, among others. Encanto was co-directed by Bryon Howard and Jared Bush, from a script by Bush and Charise Castro Smith. In a recent Pop Culture-exclusive clip of the film, shared by Disney, the filmmakers shared some behind-the-scenes details about the project, including how they came to craft the story.

In the clip seen above, Howard explains that he and Bush had been discussing working on a new project together and that Bush was close with Miranda, so the two of them brought him in to brainstorm as well. "In getting to know each other, we found out that all three of us had large, crazy, extended families," he says. This became the starting point, and the three of them ran with the idea of putting together a movie "about a big extended family" with several important and eccentric members "We really wanted to say, 'What happens if we can capture the complexity of a family,'" Miranda says of the film's roots.

"I think, especially in Latin cultures, family is so important," the In the Heights creator goes on to share. "I come from a big family. Everyone I know comes from big families. So, we wanted to be able to capture that complexity in an animated world." Miranda then adds, "That was the beginning of our journey with Encanto... just sharing stories about our families."


Elaborating a little more, Howard says, "The idea of perspective in your family is what Encanto is all about," Howard adds. "You're grandmother experienced so much that you just were not around for. You're very much alike, in many, many ways, but your experiences have been very different." Bush, who also co-wrote the film, interjects how "families are wonderful" even if they are "complicated." But as he concludes, "being honest about family is really important."