Discovery+ Orders Eerie New Unconventional Series

Discovery+ has a number of great creepy offerings for subscribers, and the streamer just ordered eerie new unconventional series that is certain to pique viewers' curiosity. Discovery+ has picked up a series called We Bought A Funeral Home, which "will explore the other side of the home renovation and design realm." The show does not currently have an exact premiere date, but is scheduled to debut sometime in October.

According to a press release on We Bought A Funeral Home, "The six-hour-long episodes will document the quirky journey of Heather and Arryn Blumberg and their two kids who will trade in their big city life to buy, renovate and redecorate a 12,000-square-foot 1800s Victorian funeral home in the small town of Dresden, Ontario." Betsy Ayala, the senior vice president of programming and development at HGTV, said of the show, "We can't think of a more binge-worthy way to ring in the spooky season than renovating a funeral home. Luckily, the Blumbergs are a fabulously fun family whose unconventional renovations are so unique, it's just what you want in a funeral home makeover, and we can't wait to deliver this extraordinarily entertaining and quirky story to our audience."

While Discovery+ subscribers will have to wait until the Halloween season for the debut of We Bought A Funeral Home, the streamer currently offers many other spooky shows, such as Eli Roth's A Ghost Ruined My Life. The series features real-life accounts from people who found themselves tormented by malicious unseen forces. It also utilizes reenactments to help convey just what kind of hell they suffered. "I was really interested in kind of documentary horror, or scary documentary," Roth told in a exclusive interview. "I started thinking about stalkers and what if you had a stalker that was a ghost? And what if you were at dinner with someone, and they started knocking the candles over? What would that be like if you couldn't get rid of your ex, and your ex was a ghost? And I thought, 'Does this happen?'" 

Soon, Roth and his team "started looking into" stories of real-life hauntings and they "realized that not only does it happen, it's so unbelievably common." Roth also shared that, during his research for A Ghost Ruined My Life, he came across many situations where "an entity latches onto someone, and it ruins their life." Referring to the event as "stalking," he said, felt right become much of these encounters have "relationship connotations" to them. "It's just this thing you have no connection to you, randomly latches onto you for whatever reason, and it does destroy your life."