'Dead to Me' Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Substantial Spoiler

Dead to Me Season 3 — the show's final season — is still a bit away. The minds behind the [...]

Dead to Me Season 3 — the show's final season — is still a bit away. The minds behind the Netflix dramedy are hard at work on the new episodes, with cameras currently rolling. Stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini and James Marsden were spotted filming in Los Angeles last week. Per paparazzi photos published in The Daily Mail, a serious spoiler has been revealed.

In the images, Applegate is shown in a wheelchair. This detail means her character, Jen Harding, was seriously injured in the Season 2 car wreck cliffhanger. Cardellini and Marsden, who play Judy Hale and Ben Wood, respectively; are shown relatively unscathed but were also involved in the Season 2 crash. This indicates Jen received long-term — if not permanent — damage from the accident, while the other two recover.

In the aforementioned cliffhanger, Ben is reeling after the discovery of his twin brother Steve's (also played by Marsden) body is found. Jen and Judy are driving home, with their troubles mostly behind them, thinking they're in the clear for Steve's murder (unaware of the body being found). They stop a stop sign, the stop sign Jen pushed to be installed after a near-accident earlier on. Proud that it was erected, the pair continues through the intersection, where they are ironically struck by a speeding vehicle.

A distraught Ben is shown to be behind the wheel of the guilty car, empty whiskey bottle in the passenger's seat. He flees the scene as we hear Judy but not Jen. Neither of the women is shown, leaving the viewer guessing on their conditions — especially Jen's. This wheelchair shoot seemingly indicates just how bad things just get for the widow.

Dead to Me Season 3 has no release date just yet. All we know for certain is that this will be the Liz-Feldman-created thriller's last season. With a show not afraid to leave a body count, it will be very interesting to see what twists and turns go down before it takes its final bow.