'Creepshow' Season 3 Producer Greg Nicotero Talks 'Surrealistic' New Episodes of Shudder Horror Anthology (Exclusive)

Creepshow Season 3 is almost here, and the show's executive producer Greg Nicotero recently opened up about the "surrealistic" experience of filming the new episodes. The new season of Shudder's horror anthology series, which is based on the iconic '80s horror films of the same name, will debut on Thursday, Sept. 23. Ahead of the big premiere, Nicotero sat down for a virtual interview with PopCulture.com and shared that he's been busy with the series for essentially the past year because they "shot Season 2 and 3 together for Creepshow."

"I've been pretty much working straight through since last August," Nicotero quipped, then going to note "the animated Halloween episode" and the Creepshow Holiday Special, which both aired between Seasons 1 and 2. "I feel like I'm in a little bit of a tornado just sort of trying to keep track of all of it," Nicotero explained, adding that the production team is "still putting the finishing touches on stuff" and he is "still approving ad pages for the comic books and animation." The special effects make-up legend added that he's "just glad" Season 3 is ready to roll out, and that people are finally gonna "get a chance to see it."

When Creepshow resumed production in 2020, following the industry-wide shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicotero says they "were one of the first long-form shows" to do so. "I felt like we were doing a lot to show other productions how to keep our crew happy, how to keep our crew safe, how to keep our crew productive," he said, adding that all "the episodes turned out great" in spite of the restrictions they needed to follow for on-set safety. "Even with the limitations of like, 'Well, we can't go out as much as we normally would like to because you can't travel the crew because of restrictions and things," Nicotero assured that no one would ever "know when you look at the episode that we did it with the challenges that we did."


In addition to producing the series, Nicotero also writes and directs segments of Creepshow, and fans can see two of them — "Queen Bee" and "Skeletons in the Closet" — the first two episodes of the new season. Among the many special guests that fans will get to see starring in Creepshow this time around are Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), James Remar (Dexter), Johnathon Schaech (DC's Legends of Tomorrow), Reid Scott (Veep), Hannah Fierman (V/H/S), Andrew Bachelor AKA comedian King Bach (The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2), and Ethan Embry (Grace and Frankie). Creepshow Season 3 kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 23, only on Shudder.