'Cobra Kai' Mansion Just Hit the Market for Massive Sum

The mansion that is seen in the Netflix series Cobra Kai just went on the market. According to Zillow Gone Wild, the LaRusso mansion located in Marietta, Georgia, is for sale for $2.65 million. The home has six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, but Instagram users took aim at the shower.

“When you want to shower, but only if you can do it at the ruins of the coliseum,” one person wrote. Another person added, “Can you also cook a wood-fired pizza in the bathroom. In Cobra Kai, the mansion is located in Encino, California, but the majority of the series is filmed in Georgia. The home was built in 2008 and features a built-in pond in the center courtyard, manicured aesthetic gardens, an outdoor pool, three fireplaces, a wet bar and cathedral ceilings as mentioned by the New York Post.

The mansion has been featured in plenty of scenes in Cobra Kai. The most notable scene was the Season 3 finale when the Cobra Kai dojo raged war on Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, leading to the mansion being destroyed. Jacob Bertrand, who plays Hawk in Cobra Kai, had a pivotal moment in the scene as he turned on Cobra Kai to join Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang.

"For Hawk, I definitely think this is so necessary," Bertrand said to PopCulture.com in January. "It is definitely what people want. I don’t believe anybody looks at Hawk as 'Yeah, we want him to keep breaking arms and knocking people out and getting on top and whaling on them. Hawk is a very all-in type of person. In this switch, it will be really good for him. Coming back to Demetri, his binary brother and Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) and realigning back with Johnny, I am excited for his growth in re-learning on how to be a good kid."

Bertrand loves Hawk's turn but admits he "selfishly" loves being a villain. "It’s so much fun. Playing the good guy is fun, but playing a villain, I don’t know what it is about it. It’s nice to act really bad." Cobra Kai fans are now waiting for Season 4 to be released. The cast and crew are currently filming the fourth season, which means it will likely be released in January 2022.