How to Watch Christmas Movies for Free Online

With the holiday season now in full swing, many are likely looking to stream Christmas movies, and we have details on how you can watch some for free online. While many of the biggest streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO Max, require subscriptions, there are still several out there that offer movies and TV shows at no cost to the consumer. Most of them do feature ads while streaming, and also may require setting up an account first, but those are small sacrifices to make in order to line up some great holiday hits.

Maybe the biggest free option is Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock does have paid-subscription packages, but also offers a free service as well. Some of the holiday films available on the free Peacock option are The Family Stone and Mixed Nuts. There's also some Christmas action flicks like Die Hard and Die Hard 2, as well as Fatman, a 2020 gun-toting Santa shoot 'em up. Finally, for those looking to add some holiday frights to their evenings, Peacock has Better Watch Out and the original Black Christmas.

YouTube is also offering some great Christmas movies at no cost, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Jingle All The Way, Pete's Christmas, and Christmas Thieves. Another service with free streaming is Roku, which also manufactures media streaming devices in addition to hosting tons of TV shows and movies. This season Roku is offered great movies such as Jingle All The Way, A Christmas Carol (1984), and the classic Rankin & Bass claymation Jack Frost special.

Crackle also has free holiday films available to those who download the app. Right now, you can stream All American Christmas Carol, Scrooge (1935), and Christmas Break-In. Crackle has the 2004 holiday drama Noel as well, which stars Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, and Alan Arkin. There's also some holiday horror here, as streamers can check out Jack Frost (1996) and its 2000 sequel, Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman.


Finally, both Vudu and Tubi have a solid selection of holiday titles that can be watched for free. Over on Vudu, streamers will find some great free family-friendly movies like Elf-Man, Santa Claws, and The Dog Who Saved the Holidays. There is also a bizarre horror flick called The Elf that some might get a kick out of watching. Last but not least, if you have Tubi, you can check out the Nic Cage classic Trapped in Paradise, as well as Holiday in Handcuffs and Better Watch Out.