Chris Jericho-Produced Metal Documentary 'I'm Too Old for This S--' Is out Now

Fans of professional wrestling know all about AEW star Chris Jericho, but he is also a prominent figure in the world of hard rock. The Fozzy frontman showed this love of music recently by producing his first metal documentary. I'm Too Old For This S— is the title, and it is now available on iTunes and Amazon Prime among other streaming services.

According to a press release, I'm Too Old For This S— tells the story of Siren, a band formed in Florida in the early 1980s. The band released two albums but broke up and remained dormant for more than 30 years. However, Siren built up a sizable fanbase overseas and received an offer to play the main stage of the Keep It True Festival in Germany. The group "put aside past differences" and reunited for this opportunity while a camera crew documented the entire process.

I'm Too Old For This S— follows the five members of Siren — Ed Aborn (drums), Doug Lee (vocals), Gregg Culbertson (bass), Todd Grubbs (guitar) and Hal Dunn (guitar) — during their journey to make their music dreams come true decades after originally breaking up. The band released various demos and two full-length albums, No Place Like Home (1986) and Financial Suicide (1989). They had to relearn these songs and find their on-stage chemistry once again before heading to Germany for the 2018 music festival.

"I've been playing in bands for 35 years and I've NEVER heard a story like Siren's," Jericho said in the press release. "We all had bands in high school that we felt would tour the world and sell a million records, but most of them break up by senior year and never do. However, Siren was different.

"In the early '80s, they had a ton of buzz and a s—load of talent, but typical inner band politics broke them up and most of the guys never played in another group again," Jericho continued. "But here's where it gets weird. Unbeknownst to the guys, over the next 30 years, Siren's fan base was building to the point of getting an offer to play a major festival in Europe in 2018, over three decades after they broke up. When I heard this story, I figured it would go one of two would be a major s— show OR the best feel-good story ever. That's why I sent a camera crew to document their adventure."


"This has all been beyond imagination," Aborn added. "When I was 18, it was my dream to be onstage and see thousands of people singing along with the songs I had written. That dream was set aside and forgotten as the obligations of life and family spanned the next 30 years. But sometimes a dream really does sneak up on you! And living that dream, even for a moment, was still every bit of the amazing experience I had imagined it would be all those decades ago."

I'm Too Old For This S— is now available through Gravitas Ventures on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, the Google Play Store, Vudu and Microsoft Movies & TV. The film costs $4.99 to rent in HD on Amazon and $12.99 to purchase. Jericho produced the documentary while Nathan Mowery directed it.