'Blue Bloods' Fans 'Heartbroken' Over Netflix Pulling CBS Series From Streaming Service

Blue Bloods fans hoping to tune into an episode or two of the CBS drama were left "heartbroken" when they discovered the Tom Selleck-starring series had been pulled from Netflix. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, all eight seasons of the drama were removed from the streaming platform (Season 9 had never been added to Netflix), and many disgruntled subscribers expressed their anger and heartbreak on social media, some even threatening to cancel their subscription.

"Hey [Netflix] is there ANY reason to why you would take Blue Blood off OVERNIGHT when I was just watching it last night?" one fan wrote. "I would greatly appreciate it if you could put it back. I'm heartbroken."

"[Netflix] glad I don't have to waste my money paying another bill," another threatened to cut ties with the streaming service. "Thanks for removing a great show while I was on the 4th season."

"I'm only on season four and they took [Blue Bloods] off! I am starting to hate [Netflix]. I feel like my money would be better spent elsewhere," another fan commented.

"Okay. Who's the smart guy who decided to pick [Blue Bloods] to come off of [Netflix]," one questioned. "Sooo freaking angry!"

The backlash surrounding the series' removal has been going on for more than a month now. Although the series was only just pulled, fans began to express their displeasure with the move in October after reports surfaced that the series' run on the streaming platform was nearing an end.

"[Netflix] is about to lose another customer. Been a member for many, many years. Tired of all of our family's favorite TV shows leaving," another added. "With [Blue Bloods] leaving in November, so will my subscription. Price keeps going up, while good content keeps going down."


The loss of all seasons of Blue Bloods, which was preceded by the loss of Hawaii Five-0 in February, has sparked concern for the fate of fellow CBS crime drama Criminal Minds on the streaming platform. According to What's On Netflix, the loss of both series suggests that Criminal Minds could follow as early as October or November of 2020.

Currently, Netflix boasts the first 12 seasons of the series, which is set to end its tenure on CBS with its upcoming 15th and final season.