'Big Mouth' Spinoff Adds Major and Returning Stars to Cast

Netflix announced some stellar new cast members for its Big Mouth spinoff Human Resources on Monday. The new Netflix original series will star Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph as previously announced, along with Aidy Bryant, Randall Park, Keke Palmer, David Thewlis and Brandon Kyle Goodman. These announcements were made at the Annecy Animation Film Festival and reported by Variety.

Human Resources is a new cartoon concerning the fantastical creatures and alternate worlds established in Big Mouth as personifications of human feelings and pubescent functions. Fans already know Rudolph as the voice of Connie the Hormone Monstress, Kroll as Maury the Hormone Monster and Thewlis as "The Shame Wizard." The film festival presentation also included a first look at Park's new character — a "Logic Rock" named Pete. Bryant and Palmer are also newcomers to the series, though their roles have not been announced yet, while Goodman worked as a writer on Big Mouth Season 4.

The presentation was reportedly hosted by Jason Mantzoukas, who confirmed that he does not have a role in Human Resources. He was joined by some of the cast, including Park who said that he relates to his new character strongly.

"I'm very much a Logic Rock," he said. "I felt like this part was written for me, was it? I'm very logical, organized, clean. Pete does everything by the book like me. He has rock-hard abs..." Kroll also spoke at the panel about how Human Resources will build on the premise laid out in Big Mouth.

"You have these characters that represent a major force in the human condition," he said. "The challenge has been that these characters don't only function according to the one thing they do professionally. The Logic Rock is filled with a lot of emotion and love and that defies his nature. Building out the characters in that complex way has been a joy."


If all that wasn't enough, the panel also included two brand new clips from the Big Mouth universe. The first was reportedly an animatic from Human Resources that was made to parody an actual human resources training video. The other was a clip from Big Mouth Season 5, where Nick (Kroll) goes back to the Human Resources realm to lodge a formal complaint about all the creatures he has been stuck with since hitting puberty.

There's no word yet on when Human Resources will premiere, or Big Mouth Season 5 for that matter. The main series has been reliably released in the fourth quarter every year for the last four years, but so far that hasn't been confirmed for 2021. The first four seasons are streaming now on Netflix.