Beloved Nickelodeon Show Rebooted by HBO Max

A beloved Nickelodeon show is set to return to your screens, courtesy of HBO Max. According to Variety, HBO Max recently granted a 10-episode order to The Garcias, which is a reboot of the series The Brothers Garcia. The Nickelodeon series initially aired on the network from 2000 to 2004.

The Garcias could be coming to HBO Max very soon, as the reboot is set to begin filming in June in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. The show will serve as a major blast from the past for fans, as the six actors who originally starred in the series are all expected to return in order to reprise their roles. The original series revolved around a Mexican American family in San Antonio, Texas, with the show mainly focusing on the Garcia children, of which there are three boys and a girl. The Garcias will see the children all grown up as they spend three months with their parents in a luxury rental home by the beach during the course of a summer. The cast includes Ada Maris and Carlos Lacamera, who portrayed the Garcia parents, and Alvin Alvarez, Jeffrey Licon, Bobby Gonzalez, and Vaneza Pitynski, who portrayed the children.

Jeff Valdez, the executive producer of the series, was the one who sought out the opportunity to reprise the Nickelodeon show. He said in a statement that he was particularly passionate about rebooting The Brothers Garcia now, as there is a lack of Latinx stories on mainstream TV at the moment. He explained, "The original show was always about a simple slice of life story that happened in this family. In every episode there's a lesson to be learned. We wanted to keep that simple contract with our audience." Valdez continued to note that there isn't just representation onscreen with The Garcias, but the cast and crew will also be 90%-plus Latinx individuals.


Many of the cast members released their own statements about the show's reboot. According to Maris, she was overjoyed to see her "Garcia" family back in action again, as she said during a roundtable Zoom interview with the cast, "I feel like I'm seeing my actual children again. It's wonderful. I feel like I have the right to tell Bobby to cut his hair." Pitynski added, "It was such an exciting and pivotal part of my youth. To be coming back for another generation of 'The Garcias' is weirdly wild and exciting."