Amazon Prime Video's 'Upload' Season 2 Features Surprise Voice Cameo From 'Alias' Star

Amazon Prime Video's Upload just launched Season 2 of the hit sci-fi comedy, and it features a surprise voice cameo from an Alias star. Upload stars Robbie Amell as a man whose consciousness was uploaded to an afterlife computer program, which essentially keeps it alive eternally. (In theory...) Please Note: Spoilers Below for Upload Season 2.

In the Season 2 finale of Upload, someone phones the police and are greeted by the voice of none other than Sydney Bristow herself. "Hello, I'm Officer Jennifer Garner, an automated system with the voice of Jennifer Garner that can handle complete emergencies," the recording says, as voiced by the beloved actress. Speaking about the cameo to TV Line, Upload creator Greg Daniels explained, "We're always trying to do little, satiric comments about the future, and a lot of it is taking stuff that is today and just exaggerating a little bit. So the idea was that when you call 911 in the future, you get a recorded announcement similar to something you'd find in the back of a New York City taxi cab."

He went on to share that, when he reached out to Garner about the cameo, she was down to lend her voice. "An old friend of mine had been the producer on a couple of her shows, so I'd met her before," he said. "She seemed to think it was fun." Ahead of the show's premiere, also had the chance to speak with Daniels, and he told us what it's like to craft a show with such a versatile ensemble cast. "I think it's great when you can find some sort of a topic that allows for an ensemble cast," he said. "Because you don't get bored."


Daniels shared that, with the show's diverse casting, such an element helps bring the story to life. "You get a lot of different storylines going, a lot of different people, different backgrounds, different things that are concerning them and you can follow them," he said. "From a maker of TV, it's also nice to have one main plot and then another plot going, and cut back and forth between them. So you don't have to worry about, how am I going to get to the next scene? It doesn't matter, I'll cut away to the other plot and then I'll cut back and we'll be in the next scene. So that's a fun thing."