'American Vandal': Griffin Gluck Reveals 'There's Definitely' Hope for Netflix Series (Exclusive)

It has been nearly a year and a half since Netflix canceled American Vandal, but Griffin Gluck tells PopCulture.com that there is still hope for the series. In an exclusive interview, Gluck offered an update on the series, saying that he and other stars, as well as the writers and producers, are still looking for a new home for the series.

American Vandal took viewers by storm in 2017 with a low-stakes yet compelling mystery about obscene images painted on teachers' cars in a high school parking lot. The show applied the true crime documentary style of Making a Murder to a fictional high school prank. Gluck played one of the student filmmakers on the show, Sam Ecklund.

He hopes to continue to do so. Back when the show was first canceled, Deadline reported on rumors that CBS TV Studios was seeking other platforms to continue making the show. While it has been over a year with no update, Gluck assured us that these efforts are still ongoing.

"Oh yeah, there's definitely hope for [American Vandal]," the actor said.

Gluck made it clear that this was not just talk, saying he has stayed in contact with series writer and director Tony Yacenda, writers Dan Perrault, Dan Lagana and other "showrunners, directors, writers, creative directors" and "producers." While he admitted "it's been a while" since they spoke, he has "talked to everyone about" keeping the show alive.

"So, we have stuff in the works for Season 3. Before we got canceled, they had a whole synopsis, the whole plot, [and] some parts of the script laid out. We'll say — they still have all of that," Gluck said.

It is not just a script waiting to be dusted off, however, as Gluck revealed that the work has never really stopped on American Vandal Season 3, despite the cancellation.

"We've done some, some things here and there to try and, you know, strengthen that script. Tyler [Alvarez] and I, you know, put some time towards it as well," he revealed.

"So, we don't know where it'll be, or if it'll ever get picked up, but if someone, some studio out there, or some platform has an interest in it, we are so ready — so ready — to do another season," he concluded.


In the meantime, Gluck has plenty of other work to keep him busy, including more productions at Netflix. He has a starring role in the recent hit Locke & Key, and last year he co-starred in the Netflix original film Tall Girl.

Outside of Netflix, Gluck stars in the acclaimed coming-of-age comedy Big Time Adolescence, which fans can watch at home starting on March 13.