Netflix Users Organizing Mass Exodus After Latest Show Cancellations

Some Netflix users are organizing a "mass cancellation" on social media, attempting to send a message about the service's recently dropped shows. Throughout 2019, Netflix has made some heartbreaking show cancellations, and a few fans have had enough. They are calling on other users to cancel their Netflix subscriptions on Sept. 10.

Calls for a "Netflix mass cancellation" began making the rounds this week, under hashtags like "Cancel Netflix" and "Save The OA." Fans believe that Netflix will begin to feel the impact of some renewal and cancellation decisions if they put their money where their mouths are, all at once in an organized demonstration.

"They can't keep cancelling the shows we love and expect us to stay subscribed," reads an explanatory graphic going around on Twitter. "End the abusive cycle Netflix has us in!"

The graphic adds that the cancellation is "For The OA," "For Sense8" and many other shows. Some are series that were canceled early on, while others are shows that went for several seasons, including Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt.

Fans have condemned Netflix more and more in recent months, with a variety of tactics. Some take every opportunity to post that they canceled their subscription because of one show or another, while others circulate online petitions to get their favorite series revived.

In the era of the subscription model, the mass cancellation may be their best bet of really getting the company's attention. Netflix lives and dies by its subscribers, and it needs to show subscriber growth and retention in order to keep stockholders happy. If those numbers begin to waver, it could take steps to appease activist fans.

Fans discussed how and why this plan should work on social media, agreeing that it was the best tactic yet. Much of the outrage stemmed from the cancellation of The OA, but others focused on more systemic issues, feeling that Netflix needed to reevaulate its business model and the algorithms its decisions are based on.

"They are making their decisions based on outrageously bad tech and they are losing their once loyal customer base in the process," one person tweeted. "I used to be a zealous [Netflix] promoter/fan. Now I’m eager for their demise. I’m not alone. Their descent is stunning."


Meanwhile, the message seemed to get muddled in some places, where other users were threatening to cancel Netflix for entirely different reasons. On Friday, Netflix announced a series based on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, and her political detractors lined up to cancel Netflix as well.

Whatever the reason, it looks like Netflix will soon have to come up with strategies for keeping existing subscribers in addition to hunting for new ones, and the company may want to review its cancellation policy as well. The "mass cancellation" demonstration is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 10.