Netflix's 'Big Mouth' Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

The release date for Big Mouth Season 3 was officially announced on Wednesday. The bawdy animated series will be back on Friday, Oct. 4, and co-creator Nick Kroll promised it would be "equal parts shock and aww."

Big Mouth has captured the hearts of its audience with its unflinching look at puberty, in all of its agony and triumph. The show has not been off for long, but given the demand from fans, it should come as no surprise that Season 3 is premiering less than a year after Season 2.

Kroll announced the release date on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, in tandem with the show's official account. Both include a graphic of the Hormone Monster's hand making a lewd gesture, with three fingers upraised.

The response was immediate overwhelming and largely positive. The Big Mouth Twitter account even shared one of the first responses, which came from director and NFL alum Matthew A. Cherry.

"Gotta get the Bubble Baff ready," Cherry wrote, referencing one of Maya Rudolph's most iconic lines from the show.

Big Mouth Season 3 will carry on the show's hyperbolic and sometimes explicit stories of puberty, as well as its streak of A-list celebrity voices. According to a report by Paste Magazine, this season will see new characters played by Ali Wong, Martin Short and Thandie Newton.

So far there are just 21 episodes of Big Mouth, yet fans are already completely in love with the series. So much so that Netflix took notice, giving the show a staggering three-season renewal order last month.

Netflix placed the order at the end of July, ensuring that fans will see Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 of Big Mouth at least. This is a huge accomplishment for the series, especially as so many people — fans and creators alike — now dread the Season 3 threshold at Netflix. The streaming service tends to make cuts around Season 3, but clearly Big Mouth is an exception.

Still, not everyone was happy about this given the timing of the announcement. While Netflix picked up Big Mouth, it canceled the animated series Tuca & Bertie around the same time, after just one season. Many fans were infuriated by this, feeling that Tuca & Bertie was overlooked for its predominately female voice while Big Mouth was rewarded for its largely male perspective.

Big Mouth was co-created by Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, his childhood friend and writing partner. The show is loosely based on their own adolescent experiences, though it also draws on female input from other writers and cast members.


As always, Netflix deflected these complaints and assured viewers that not every cancellation and renewal are directly related. Meanwhile, fans are still happy to get more episodes of this bizarre, painfully awkward story.

Big Mouth Season 3 hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 4.