Watch 'Nailed It!' and 'Queer Eye' Crossover in New Mini-Episode

Netflix fans were in for a major crossover surprise over the weekend when the streaming platform premiered a special new episode of its unconventional baking competition, Nailed It!.

The 12-minute episode sees the cast of Netflix's Queer Eye enter the kitchen for a mini-challenge, with host Nicole Byer challenging the Fab 5 to recreate cupcake versions of their castmates.

Exempt from this challenge is Queer Eye's food and wine expert Antoni Porowski, who was invited by Byer and pastry chef Jacques Torres to join them on the judging panel.

While Porowski looked on, his costars Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk got to work on their recreations, with France and Brown teaming up against Van Ness and Berk to see whose cupcakes would reign supreme.

Ultimately, only one competitor presented a cupcake that even slightly resembled its inspiration — watch the clip above to see which member of the Fab 5 succeeded in their task.

"It was so fun!" Byer told The Wrap of the episode. "I know Jonathan Van Ness from comedy, and he’s got this wonderful show on Funny or Die called Gay of Thrones. I hadn’t met the other Queer Eye boys before, but they were all so sweet and kind. Just honestly a joy to be around, so shooting it was super fun. It was a little hectic because it is five big personalities, and then I am a sixth gigantic personality, but I think it came together well. And I think it showed that we had a lot of fun."

Nailed It! made an immediate splash when it premiered its first six episodes in March, with Byer's energy and commentary keeping viewers coming back, along with the contestants' celebrated baking fails. Unlike other cooking shows, Nailed It! celebrates the best of the worst, awarding its $10,000 prize to the home baker who manages to mangle their dessert the least out of the episode's three contestants.

"I didn’t even know if it was gonna be funny," Byer admitted of the show. "We shoot for like 10 hours a day; it’s a long day. And they didn’t really give me any indication about the direction it was gonna go, and I don’t think they knew where it was gonna go until they got into the edit. So, I had no clue. It’s wild. My comedy friends have said that they liked it so much, and comedy people don’t really give out compliments unless you deserve it."


This weekend, six new episodes premiered, along with the Queer Eye mini-episode, all streaming now on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix