WWE's Kevin Owens Suffers Ankle Injury

WWE star Kevin Owens faced off with Seth Rollins during WrestleMania 36's first night. He secured [...]

WWE star Kevin Owens faced off with Seth Rollins during WrestleMania 36's first night. He secured a victory during the No Disqualification match but did not walk away unscathed. Owens will now be out of action for an undetermined amount of time due to an ankle injury.

Speaking with RDS in Quebec, Owens revealed that he sustained the injury when he dove off the WrestleMania sign into Rollins and the announcer's table. He doesn't know the extent of the ailment but believes it's a slight sprain or a fracture. Owens will be undergoing X-rays in the coming days to determine the extent of his absence from the ring. The performer reportedly did not notice any pain during the match but became aware of the injury when his ankle was swollen the following morning.

WWE currently expects Owens to miss a few more weeks of action. He has been absent from WWE Raw and will continue to miss time while he recovers. Wrestling fans are currently eyeing a return following May 10's Money In the Bank, but that will be determined by the X-ray.

While Owens may not be present for upcoming episodes of WWE Raw, he will be enjoying a new present from his wife. He recently received a hammock, which has become the perfect spot for him to relax with his cat. This is also a prime spot to nurse an injured ankle until his return to the ring.

Owens is not the only performer that suffered an injury during WrestleMania 36. Jimmy Uso is expected to miss six to nine months of action due to an injury of his own. He injured his knee during the triple-threat ladder match for the SmackDown tag team championships at WrestleMania 36.

This injury to Uso means that he and his brother, Jey, will not be included in the ongoing tag team storyline at SmackDown. The Usos were expected to be involved in upcoming matches in order to face off with The New Day and other figures. Instead, the Forgotten Sons were reportedly called up as replacements. The match at Money In the Bank will now be The New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Miz and John Morrison.

While Uso is sidelined, it's possible that Jey could forge ahead as a temporary solo act. However, this has not been determined by WWE. When Jey suffered a shoulder injury in 2015, Uso provided commentary for ongoing matches.