WWE's Jimmy Uso Injured, Will Be out of Action for Months

WWE star Jimmy Uso is expected to miss six to nine months of action due to a knee injury. The incident reportedly took place during the triple-threat ladder match for the SmackDown tag team championships at WrestleMania. John Morrison defeated both Uso and Kofi Kingston.

Ringside News first reported Uso's injury, and Brad Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Online later confirmed it. He joins Kevin Owens as stars that suffered injuries during WrestleMania. The Usos, Jey and Jimmy, had been absent from WWE television events in recent weeks, which elicited concern among some fans. Jey most recently took part in the episode of SmackDown following WrestleMania 36, where the New Day secured the tag titles.

According to Bleacher Report, this is the first serious injury of Uso's career. Jey suffered a serious shoulder injury in 2015, but Uso remained relatively unscathed. He proceeded to spend his time commentating while Jey recovered.

Uso had previously been absent from television due to a DUI arrest in July 2019. He had been pulled over in Florida after speeding and swerving within the lane. Uso did not take a sobriety test, but the officer testified that the wrestler appeared to be intoxicated.

"Once he eventually started to get out of the vehicle, he appeared to have a hard time with the door handle and opening up the door," Deputy Jeremy Meeks said during Uso's trial, per WEARTV. "He was unable to get out of the vehicle and took a step or two and appeared to stumble, almost into the travel lane."

The Escambia County jury found Uso to be not guilty of the charges after an hour of proceedings. The wrestler did not speak to reporters following the verdict being read, but he was described as being emotional. A DUI conviction would have been his third, following arrests in 2011 and 2013.

"And that is what the jury system is for. A cop cannot convict you. A cop can arrest you but they cannot convict you and that's why we took it to the next level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial," Uso's attorney, Greg Whibbs said.


With Uso now sidelined due to his injury, there are questions about how WWE will proceed. The roster of stars is thin due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent mass release of performers. Will the organization find someone to step in and compete in the tag team SmackDown division?