WWE's Carmella Tells 2020 to 'Bring It On' in Cozy Snap With Boyfriend Corey Graves

WWE star Leah Van Dale, who goes by the name Carmella, is fired up for the new year. She has a relationship with WWE analyst Corey Graves and a successful presence on E! with Total Divas. Carmella is ready for anything the world throws her way, which she proved by writing: "bring it on 2020" on an Instagram post that showed her and Graves getting cozy.

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There was controversy surrounding Carmella as her relationship started with the WWE commentator, which led to rumors and accusations that she had been the reason for Graves and his wife splitting. Both figures in the relationship denied these claims in various interviews while saying that Carmella is not someone that would wreck somebody's home.

This situation led to Graves being unable to watch the latest season of Total Divas due to the pain that was present from that time in his life. Carmella watched every episode to interact with the fans but was alone in front of the TV.

Now, however, Graves is hoping that there will be a 10th season of the reality show. He wants to put his current relationship on display and show the world that he and Carmella are happy and loving life.

"If nothing else, [the controversy] made us both stronger people individually and together. So, I'm happy it's in the past," Graves said during an interview with CBS. "So, hopefully, there's another season of Total Divas, and we actually get to see fun and show people what our life is actually like, which has been an absolute blast through the last couple months."

There hasn't been an official announcement about an upcoming season of Total Divas. E! had previously renewed the show for seasons 8 and 9, the latter of which finished airing in early December.


If a new season is indeed approved, it's possible that it would air in October 2020, providing Carmella and Graves with ample opportunities to show off their relationship and prove that the controversy is now in the past. The WWE star in Carmella is prepared for this new season, if it happens, as well as anything else that will arise over the course of the year. She is ready for the challenge and wants 2020 to "bring it on."

Photo Credit: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images