WWE Superstar The Miz Demands to Sing at Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera's Wedding

Singer Ryan Cabrera proposed to WWE star Alexa Bliss on Sunday, sparking excitement among their friends and fans. Fellow performer Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin was among those congratulating the happy couple, but he also made a major request: the Miz jokingly demanded to sing at their wedding.

The Miz revealed his intentions during an interview with TMZ Sports. He said that Cabrera played at his wedding, so it is only fitting that he returns the favor. He also explained that he had something to do with Bliss and Cabrera's meeting due to his two sets of "families" coming together — although he wouldn't say that he was the only reason for them getting together. The Miz then said that he wanted to grab the microphone and show off his singing skills to those in attendance.

"Ryan played mine and [my wife] Maryse's wedding, like he played our first song — our first dance," The Miz said. "So, I think it's only right for me to return the favor. I mean, I do have two hit songs out. 'Hey, Hey,' and 'Hey.' Obviously, everyone knows about that."

Whether he is allowed to sing, the Miz did make it clear that only one thing is truly important. He says what actually matters is that the couple is happy and in love. Everything else is less important, including whether they ask him to be one of the groomsmen or even invite him to the big day.

"That's up to him," the Miz told TMZ. "I'm not the person to say, 'Yeah, like you need to do it.' That's his wedding, his dream wedding. Knowing Ryan, it's literally going to be the most romantic, beautiful wedding you've ever seen, and it's going to be incredible."


Bliss and Cabrera both posted photos and videos from the heartwarming on social media, prompting excited comments. One example was an Instagram video showing the couple from a distance. They stood side-by-side next to a large bouquet of flowers. Cabrera then reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring before getting down on one knee. While he gave his speech, Bliss held her hand over her mouth.

When Cabrera proposed, the Miz used the opportunity to offer congratulations while also poking fun at his friends. He first said that he was happy for both Bliss and Cabrera, but he also joked about the singer's outfit. "Congrats truly incredible. Especially since she let you borrow her coat for the occasion," he wrote on Instagram.