'WWE Raw' Flashes 'PG' Rating Indicator Over Stripper Scene, and Fans Are Rolling

WWE made some interesting moves on Monday. During the WWE Raw, Shane McMahon made his return to television and debuted a new segment called "Raw Underground." One of the features of the segment is a group of women dancing on a table. And when the dancers were shown, WWE flashed the TV-PG rating.

"Shane McMahon promised to shake things up, and he did just that, revealing Raw Underground to the world," WWE said in its recap of Raw. WWE also stated that Raw Underground would be a "battleground for WWE's toughest fighters to prove themselves with few — if any — rules. There were a few notable stars taking part in Raw Underground, including Dolph Ziggler and Erik from the Vikings Raiders. At the end of the show, Bobby Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin took over Raw Underground and said it's "under new management."

Fans had mixed reactions to Raw Underground, but what stood out was the filming of the entire Raw episode. There was reported "chaos" during the tapings on Monday due to the lack of organization. "Apparently there's a lack of leadership and a lot of stress due to the indecisiveness. I've been told, 'The shows will happen and air, but there's no attainable goal of quality because everything is decided under the pressure cooker of it all coming down to the very last minute,'" Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda wrote on Twitter.


WWE taped two episodes of Raw on Monday (the one for Aug. 3 and the one for Aug. 10). With ratings down, WWE is thinking outside the box to increase ratings during the pandemic. However, the one thing that will help ratings is getting back live audiences, and there's no telling when that will happen. Regardless, it looks like Raw Underground and the dancers are here to stay.