'WWE Raw': Another Superstar Nearly Lost His Eye in Wake of Gruesome Rey Mysterio Moment

Another WWE Superstar came close to losing his eye just one week after Rey Mysterio lost to Seth Rollins in the Eye for an Eye match at the Horror Show at Extreme Rules. On Raw, Aleister Black came out to save Mysterio's son Dominick who was being attacked by Rollins and Murphy. However, due to Black suffering an arm injury last week, Rollins and Murphy were able to take down Black, which led to Rollins ordering Murphy to drive Black's eye into the steel ring steps. Black was able to keep his eye as Dominick attacked Rollins and Murphy with a kendo stick.

WWE gained a lot of attention when Mysterio "lost his eye" at Extreme Rules. He hasn't appeared on TV since, but a lot of that might have to do with him working without a contract. It has been reported WWE and Mysterio are working on a new deal, which is why the company announced doctors "could save his eye" once the match was over.

"He has not signed," Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio started last week. "My gut is still that he will but it has not happened yet. That finish was because he had not signed… The reason that they gave the open-ended thing that 'we may save his eye' is in case he does sign. That's their out." If a deal gets signed soon, fans could see Mysterio take on Rollins at SummerSlam next month. As for Black, Meltzer reported the reason he was brutally attacked by Rollins and Murphy is he's being written off of television.


"I know the original plan was to take him out, I don't know for how long," Meltzer said via Ringside News. "That was the original idea is to do an injury angle with Aleister Black which is kinda weird when you're low on talent." Black is one of the more talented stars on the roster. After spending years on the independent circuit, Black signed with WWE in 2016 and was placed in NXT. He won the NXT Championship in 2018 and held on to the title for 108 days. Black was promoted to the main roster in 2019 and teamed with Ricochet. The team split up later that year, and Black has been a solid singles competitor ever since.