WWE's Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Reveal How Their Love for Doughnuts Turned Into Successful Business (Exclusive)

WWE fans know Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville for being two of the top stars in the company. But before going their separate ways, Rose and Deville were known as the tag team Fire and Desire. They are also known for their love for doughnuts, which led to them launching their own company called Damandyz Donutz. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Rose and Deville, who they talked about how their love for the baked treat led to them having their own successful company. 

"We basically were on a late-night run to Krispy Kreme. It was Daria [Sonya Deville], myself, and her dad," Rose told PopCulture. "We went and the light was on. We had to pull in and get some donuts and we grabbed the hats that they have at Krispy Kreme, we were outside and we created this video, basically. It's really silly. We have the video, of course, still. We were like singing doughnuts and I don't know, Daria can sing it for you. She does a really good job. We basically had this video and we put it out there on social media. We didn't realize obviously the outpour of feedback we got because it seemed like our fans just really loved the two of us kind of out there being silly and eating doughnuts.

When the fans showed love for their passion for eating, that's when Rose and Deville knew they were on to something. "And then we started to realize like, 'Oh, that's what makes us relatable right?'" Deville said. "We love food, and that we have balance in our lives. And so we really wanted to start showcasing more of that side of us because that is who we are; and so that's when we made the YouTube series, Damandyz Donutz, and then we were like, 'Wait a second, we need to make our own doughnuts because, why not?' Right? We're trying everybody else's, and we're donut aficionados at this point. So that made us the experts to make some doughnuts of our own."

Along with making their doughnuts, Rose and Deville sell different types of merchandise, including shirts, hats, coffee mugs and posters. They have opened pop-up shops in different cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City. 


"We've been doing pop-ups in various cities around the globe, and we decided, why not bring it to the Northeast, which is our home territory of New York," Deville said. "It was an amazing turnout. We're blown away every single time because it's like, we know we're cool, but we know our donuts are great. When you see a line that covers two city blocks, it's surreal. So it's super fun event. We partnered with a local donut company, Peter Pan Donuts, and the doughnuts were incredible."