WWE's Mandy Rose Snaps Fit 'Body Like a Back Road' Bikini Selfie

Mandy Rose is doing everything she can to say fit during the COVID-19 pandemic. This past weekend, the WWE Superstar took to Instagram to share a bikini selfie. The photo shows Rose in a purple bikini while wearing a hat alongside the caption: "Body like a backroad."

As of Wednesday, the post received over 250,000 likes, and the fans showed their appreciation in the comments section. One person wrote "stunning" while another person added, "I'm going to start taking the back roads." Other fans simply used either heart or fire emojis to describe the post. Rose has become one of the more popular superstars on the roster and is seeing more TV time after being traded from SmackDown to Raw. She recently appeared on Speaking on Table Talk w/ Dvon and revealed that she's a big fan of WWE legend Trish Stratus.

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"I'd have to say Trish was definitely one of my all-time favorites," Mandy said as reported by Wrestling Inc. "And seeing her when I was kind of going through my fitness career and having similar careers into getting into wrestling, she was always kind of someone I looked up to. And she was such a success story where she came from. So, I felt like it kind of gave me the motivation. She's always been my inspiration, and still to this day [she is]."

Rose has been compared to Stratus because of how she looks. The only difference is Stratus is a seven-time WWE Women's Champion, while Rose is still looking for her first title. Rose is now teamed with Dana Brooke, and the due looks to be the top contenders for the Women's Tag Team Championship. Rose and Brooke will team up with the Women's Tag Team Champions — Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler — and Lana in a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series next month.

"I mean, I feel like I always try to kind of stay in character most of the time, especially at work. And a lot of us are all 'versions of ourselves times a thousand', we like to say," Mandy said when talking about staying in character. "So, I feel like the closer you are to yourself, the easier it is portrayed to others and other people perceive you, and the more believable it is for sure. And I feel like I definitely do have a little routine though."