WWE's Liv Morgan and AEW's Ruby Soho Reunite in Joyous Instagram Video

Is the Riott Squad making a comeback? WWE Superstar Liv Morgan and AEW star Ruby Soho were reunited this weekend as they spotted each other at the airport. Morgan posted an Instagram story of her with Soho at the airport, explaining how she ran into her former partner in WWE. 

Soho, who went by Ruby Riott in WWE, was the leader of the Riott Squad, which also included Morgan and Sarah Logan. Soho was let go from WWE earlier this year before joining AEW. Morgan was released from WWE last year and recently gave birth to her son. In September, Soho talked about her release from WWE on the podcast Oral Sessions. She revealed that she had no idea why the company let her go. 

"I wish I knew," Soho said. "Like I said, it came as a huge shock to me," Soho said, per Wrestling Inc. "And there were a lot of ones that I didn't see coming. I liked my job at the time, I liked it. I didn't have any problems. I loved the locker room so much, I love the women. Especially the Smackdown women's locker room, that was some of the best times of my life 'cause those women are absolutely incredible people. Liv (Morgan) and I were working our asses off to be the most cohesive tag team we possibly could."  

Morgan is the lone member of the Riott Squad who is still on the WWE roster. And she has become one of the fan favorites as she will face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship on Raw. "I feel like the past two years of my career, I've had moments where I feel like I've had so much momentum and I'm just about to break through and then I don't," Morgan said in an interview with Sportskeeda. "I do feel this time is different. I like to think positively and I'm very glass half full. So when I look back, I'm like, maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought. And that's why I didn't break through. You know? Even though I wanted it just the same, maybe I just wasn't ready as a performer."


Morgan also talked about how Lynch told her she was going to be a champion when she returned to action. "Not that I'm disappointing Becky, but just to know that was an expectation and I didn't meet it. But I know I will meet it, eventually." Morgan continued, "I'd love to prove her right and to prove her wrong. And I'd love to take the title from Becky."