WWE Legend Trish Stratus Reveals Her Family is Under Mandatory Quarantine Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

With rising COVID-19 concerns, people around the world are being encouraged to self-quarantine in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. However, others are in mandatory quarantine for various reasons. Wrestling legend Trish Stratus recently revealed that she and her family are among those in mandatory quarantine due to a recent road trip from Florida to Canada.

"It's day 6 of our mandatory 14 day quarantine due to travel ... been hard but I'm enjoying being able to be present for my fam. Max starts online school on Mon so enjoying the loose sched for now," Stratus wrote in the caption of her post. "What is your status over there? How have you been passing the time? Hope u all are ok, sending u all love and light ... stay healthy and safe friends."

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The quarantine was not limited to her home in Canada, however. Stratus also posted on Instagram and explained that she and her family were in Florida when the outbreak began to become a major concern. They remained in quarantine at their vacation home and then decided to forego flying home.

Instead of dealing with potential concerns at various airports or in the sky, Stratus and her family drove 1,200 miles back to Canada over the course of roughly 19 hours. She never expected to make this trip with a 3 and a 6-year-old but was impressed with how her daughters handled the trip.

There was one potential issue with the drive back to Canada that many fans mentioned on social media. They wanted Stratus to know that certain territories were closing their borders to inbound travel and were worried that the wrestling legend would be stuck on the road.

Stratus and her family did ultimately make it home back to Canada, and they have been avoiding the general public. Their time in mandatory quarantine has not been the easiest, but Stratus has been passing the time by creating "fruit art" for her children. She also discovered that her daughter knows how to create specialty coffee drinks despite the lack of java in the home.

According to Stratus' Instagram Stories, days 7 and 8 went fairly smoothly. She and her daughters built an intricate pillow fort and made some homemade hamburgers. On day 8, art class officially began, which the children enjoyed.


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