WWE's Keith Lee Shows Support for Black Lives Matter at 'NXT TakeOver: In Your House'

Keith Lee is 100 percent behind the Black Lives Matter movement. During the WWE pay-per-view event NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Lee, who is the NXT North American Champion, wore black trunks with the words "Black Lives Matter" in bold on the back during his match against Johnny Gargano. Before the bout, Lee wore a shirt that also had the words "Black Lives Matter" on the back.

Lee recently talked about earning the Black Lives Matter attire in an interview on the WWE Performance Center YouTube Channel. "It's a difficult subject because some people misunderstand," he said. "Some people think that they know some people. But as a person who has been profiled, as a person who has been stopped for simply walking or simply jogging or simply existing. To me, it's something that some would call it political. But to me, it's right vs. wrong, and that's what's most important. So when I wear that, it's about equality. It's not just, 'Black Lives Matter,' that's what people think that's what that is." Lee also gave praise to people who are protesting police brutality and racial injustice.

"That's really what that statement is about, and then maybe we can escape all this ridiculous violence, the excess people that are past the protesting and doing their rioting and looting. None of that stuff helps. But, the people that are aiming to do right, please continue, because we only will reach change if we continue to reach for the right things."

Lee is one of the rising stars in WWE. He won the NXT North American Championship January, and that win came on the heels of him being named NXT Breakout Star of the Year for 2019. Lee competed in Survivor Series in November and went toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns. He also competed in the Royal Rumble and stood tall against Brock Lesnar. Lee made his movie debut this year, starring in the Netflix film The Main Event.