WWE: Jeff Hardy's Wife Beth Breaks Silence on His DWI Arrest, Shades Brother-in-Law Matt

On October 3, WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy was arrested in North Carolina for DWI. This was his second alcohol-related arrest of the year and led to his brother, Matt Hardy, speaking out on Twitter in response to fans. Well, Jeff's wife, Beth, saw this tweet and took exception, sparking a tense interaction with Matt's wife.

"Kept my mouth shut for too long. Don’t take ANY info seriously from 'family' when it comes to me or Jeff. “Family” quotes are BS. Family should have contacted us first before they made a statement to Twitter. Looks like they’re more worried about their online presence than Jeff," Beth wrote on Twitter Saturday evening.

This comment came in response to Matt Hardy saying that "Jeff has to make his decisions about his life" and that he could only control his own actions.

Beth continued throwing shade in the direction of her brother-in-law, adding another tweet that explained why there has been no public statement about the DWI incident.

"Jeff & I are handling our business," she continued. "Hence no post from either of us about what happened. Going forward, if you don’t hear it from us, disregard it. We don’t need any 'well wishes' from 'family'."

These two tweets were met by some support from Hardy fans, but there was one person that didn't particularly appreciate the comments – Matt's wife, Reby. She responded to Beth Hardy, saying that they live only 100 feet way and to "pull tf up if you got such an issue." Reby also included a typed out, profanity-laden message to her relative by marriage.

As expected, Reby's response sparked off a back-and-forth in the comments section between those that supported Beth's original tweets and those that took the other side of the discussion. Although many simply viewed this entire argument as petty and said that both were in the wrong for these posts on Twitter.

One person who did not see Reby's response, however, was Beth. She said on Twitter that she is actually blocked and was unable to view the message. The only reason she was made aware of the post was that another person on social media tagged her.


While Jeff has been radio silent about his recent arrest and the situations in his personal life, this has not been the case with the other members of his family. As social media proved this week, private arguments can quickly become public.

(Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty)