WWE's Daniel Bryan Suffers Wardrobe Malfunctions During Match Against Drew Gulak at Elimination Chamber

Wardrobe malfunctions are an innate risk in live events, as evidenced by Janet Jackson's performance during the halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII. Professional wrestler Daniel Bryan actually dealt with two separate malfunctions during a WWE pay-per-view event on Sunday night.

Bryan faced off with Drew Gulak during an Elimination Chamber at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center. During this bout, the five-time champion's shorts were pulled, revealing his private parts to the viewers.

The first incident occurred when Bryan went to suplex Gulak over the ropes early in the match. However, his opponent grabbed his shorts and pulled, exposing Bryan to the crowd.

The second incident was very similar and had a nearly-identical result. Gulak grabbed Bryan's shorts during a throw from the top turnbuckle and caused another wardrobe malfunction.

"Things happens in the ring .. Good, that I wasn't the only one, who noticed . .. NOT TRAUMATIZED !!!" one wrestling fan wrote after seeing the malfunction. Several viewers thought that they had noticed some issues with Bryan's shorts during the bout, but they were unsure until logging onto Twitter.

Despite the malfunctions occurring during the Elimination Chamber, Bryan secured the victory over Gulak. He has not commented on the malfunctions following the bout and has instead talked about his love for wrestling.

"This is what I love about professional wrestling," Bryan said to WWE.com. "I don't ever want to just go through the motions: I want to fight with my heart, I want to fight with blood and guts. That's what I wanna fight with! That's why I wanted to fight Drew Gulak. That's why I wanted to fight Drew Gulak for years!"

Bryan is not the first professional wrestler to deal with a wardrobe malfunction in the ring. Sasha Banks' backside was exposed during a January 2019 tag team match. She and Bayley were facing off with Ronda Rousey and Natalya when the malfunction occurred, causing a brief blackout on the live feed.

Additionally, Becky Lynch had issues with her top during a January 2019 bout against Asuka. Her wardrobe malfunction occurred during the bout and caused a network blackout. Lynch ultimately lost as Asuka retained the SmackDown women's title.

Following the incident during the Elimination Chamber, there are several fans laughing about Bryan's shorts. Others have some advice. These wrestling fans have called for him to wear something under his shorts during his next bout just to avoid another embarrassing incident.


(Photo Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)