WWE Legend 'Superstar' Billy Graham Suffering From Heart Failure After Being Hospitalized

Former professional wrestler Billy Graham revealed on Facebook this week that he had been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. As our sister site ComicBook.com spotted, the 76-year-old Graham said in the post that he was recently released from the Mayo Clinic Hospital and that he would be providing more details about his state in the coming days.

"Hey fans, I am back home from the Mayo Clinic Hospital," Graham wrote. "I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers. I need rest right now but by this coming Sunday evening I will give all my Facebook fans an in-depth report on the status of my heart.

"All I will say for now is that I have suffered a heart attack and am in constant heart failure. I am of course on medications for my heart and will be for the remainder of my life. I am keeping the faith and will fight !!!"

Graham had a career in professional wrestling that lasted from 1969-89. He was active in the World Wide Wrestling Federation, the National Wrestling Alliance, and the American Wrestling Alliance after being trained by Stu Hart.

In his career, Graham found considerable success. For a 9.5-month span in 1977-1978, he was the WWWF Heavyweight Champion. During this time, Graham appeared in matches in both the United States and Japan, facing off with big names such as Dusty Rhodes, Pedro Morales, and Riki Choshu.

Graham was ultimately inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after his career came to an end. He was introduced by Triple H in 2004, who had been inspired to become a wrestler by Graham.

Despite taking part in his final wrestling match in 1987, Graham's time did not end. He served as a commentator for the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) in the late 1980s. He also made occasional returns to the WWE in the mid-2000s in order to conduct interviews and make ringside appearances.


Graham did ultimately part ways with WWE in 2009, but this departure only lasted a mere few years. He announced on Facebook in November 2015 that he had signed a "legends" contract with WWE to make infrequent, non-wrestling appearances.

With Graham now home from the hospital, he is looking to get back to full health with the help of the medications. He expects this to be the case for years to come, but there could be changes in the future. For now, it will be a waiting game until Graham reveals more details about his condition on Sunday night.