WWE Alum Torrie Wilson Announces Her Dog Chloe Has Died

Torrie Wilson had to say goodbye to her best friend. On Monday, the WWE Hall of Famer went to Instagram to announce her dog Chloe has died. Chloe is no stranger to the WWE universe, making appearances with Wilson on WWE TV and having her own Superstar page.

"Today I said goodbye to my angel Chloe & words can never describe how much my heart hurts," Wilson wrote in the Instagram post. 17 YEARS she was my ride or die. "She has literally rode through LIFE with me. From the [WWE]...traveling the world...living ALL OVER the damn place...she has no doubt seen in ALL." Wilson went on to write that Chloe "pulled me thru some of my darkest days & rode with me thru alllll the fun." Wilson also wrote she thought Chloe "was human with the disapproving looks she gave me when I wasn’t doing the right thing."

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"Rest assured, I know she’s running like a puppy & showing everybody who the true Queen Diva is in heaven, Wilson continued. She ended the post by writing: "Squeeze your creatures & humans cuz we are all on borrowed time." WWE caught up with Wilson and Chloe a couple of years ago, and Wilson said fans still recognize her dog.

"People do actually recognize Chloe today, more on social media," Wilson said. "They're like 'oh wait, that's your dog that was on wrestling.' I'm like 'how do you remember that?'" Wilson went to say that "Chloe is the queen of the house. She has very stressful days of laying around in the sun and eating treats. I'll never forget the moment I locked eyes with her. I got Chloe as a Christmas gift, and when I opened that little caged door, it was love at first sight."

Wilson continued: "I was so excited to have a little dog traveling with me. She kept me company on the road. At that time, that's when Paris Hilton was so hot with her little dogs. So I thought how perfect to have my dog, and it's like so annoying. She was such a natural." Wilson made her pro wrestling debut in 1999 as a member of WCW. She moved on to WWE in 2001 and emerged as one of the top female stars. Wilson retired from WWE in 2008.