World Series: Kate Upton Supported Controversial Call, and Some MLB Fans Weren't Happy

Kate Upton is watching the World Series close, and she had some thoughts on a controversial play during Game 6. However, not every fan valued her opinion. Upton, the wife of Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, claimed that Washington Nationals player Trea Turner clearly left the baseline while running to first base, meaning he was out. She was frustrated about how long it was taking officials to review the controversial moment, which ended with Turner being called out for interfering with the play, and Upton taking to Twitter to voice her take.

Not everyone agreed with Upton, and chimed in the replies to disagree with her, with many taking cheap shots at her intelligence or her husband for no reason.

"He ran in a straight line the entire way. What were you watching?" one fan wrote, with another replying, "Her husband not be able to win a World Series game."

Another wrote, "Justin Verlander has been the Astros LVP in the playoffs with an emphasis on L as in LOSING PITCHER."

A third, more civil commenter wrote, "You're in the minority here Kate. That's a terrible call."

Upton grew fed up with the condescending tone of the replies and fired off a scathing remark in response.

The haters did file into the replies of this one, again. However, she did have a handful of admirers who had her back.

"She was spot-on with the ruling and the result was proof," one defender wrote.

An onlooker wrote, "I cringed every time I read a 'sweetie' in your comments on that post."

Another supporter wrote, "She's right. It's just not called very often. Surprised it was called there."


The Astros and Nationals are currently facing off in Game 7 live on Fox. The Astros are going for their second World Series win, and the Nationals are vying for their first ever title, including their time based in Montreal when they were known as the Expos.

Photo Credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images