Woman Slaps Boyfriend After Proposing at Blue Jays Game

A woman did not like a joke her boyfriend pulled on her during a Toronto Blue Jays game. A video shows a man attempting to propose to his girlfriend at Rogers Center. But as he got down on his knee, he pulled out a ring pop instead of an actual engagement ring. The girlfriend slapped the man while yelling profanity and throwing her drink at him. The fans around the couple were in shock, and it led to some interesting responses on social media. 

"Good test," one person wrote. "What if it was a JOKE for the crowd then he pulled out the real ring? She STRIKED him in public. Her emotions led to physical violence. She's not the one… Saved him a bunch of misery in the future." Another person pointed out that she was proposed with a ring pop and still said yes. 

"My husband proposed to me with a ring pop, still said yeah," she said. "The type of ring does not define the relationship. I got my real one after, but still would have said yes, even if it was just the ring pop." According to the New York Post, the incident happened when the Blue Jays took on the Boston Red Sox over the weekend. It is believed that the man was going to propose to his girlfriend with a real ring after the ring pop joke, but it's not clear if the indecent was staged or real. 

While that was an interesting moment during the Blue Jays game, fans are really enjoying what the team has done this season as they clinched a spot in the playoffs for the second time in three years. This is an accomplishment considering the Blue Jays fired their manager Charlie Montoyo midway through the season. John Schneider took over as the interim manager, and the team has been one of the hottest in baseball. 


"He's certainly a long-term fit," Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins said about Schneider, per Sports Illustrated. "We'll continue to work through that, and feel good about his leadership to date. Whether or not that ends up being a manager is not our focus, not because we don't have the utmost respect for the job that he's done and is doing, but more all of our energy is being deployed towards winning tonight, and the next day."