Why Kurt Angle Wasn't Cast on 'Dancing With the Stars'

News surfaced in 2009 that former WWE star Kurt Angle was on the shortlist to appear on Dancing [...]

News surfaced in 2009 that former WWE star Kurt Angle was on the shortlist to appear on Dancing With the Stars. However, he did not join the cast of the long-running competition show while UFC fighter Chuck Liddell took part. Here is the reason why.

The professional wrestler faced questions about Dancing With the Stars during a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show. The former professional wrestler said that he had wanted to take part in the dancing competition show. However, there was an issue that prevented him from joining in. Angle explained that his reputation was not the greatest.

"I discussed being interested in [Dancing With the Stars]" Angle explained. "I wanted to be part of it, but I think the issue was I had little problems with the painkillers and the alcohol. I got a couple of DUIs at the time, and I just didn't have a solid name out there.

"I kind of ruined my reputation for a while," Angle added. "So there was no chance of me getting on at that point. I had to spend the next several years making up for my reputation, making it strong again. Now I'm back stronger than ever, but back then, my name was dragged through the mud. It was pretty bad."

If Angle had landed a spot on Dancing With the Stars, he would have been the second professional wrestling personality to do so. Stacy Keibler previously appeared on the show's second season. She finished in third place behind NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice and winner Drew Lachey.

While Angle did not appear on Dancing With the Stars, another professional wrestler highlighted Season 12. Chris Jericho, who was with WWE at the time, joined the cast along with several other big names. He turned in solid performances and made it to the sixth week. Though Jericho was ultimately eliminated while other big names in Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Alley, and winner Hines Ward moved ahead.

Angle recently created intrigue on social media with a new video. He showed himself lacing up his boots and fueled speculation about a return to the wrestling ring in the near future. The video did not initially show Angle's face and instead opted for footage of his boots, his Olympic medal, and star-spangled tights. A slowed-down version of "America the Beautiful" served as the soundtrack. The video showed multiple shirts before flashing to Angle's face in the waning seconds. "To be continued..." the text read.

The video surfaced amid rumors about a major AEW signing. Many fans wondered if Angle would be the person to join the other wrestling promotion after his departure from WWE. However, AEW president Tony Khan later revealed that Christian Cage was the mystery signing.