What Ryan Sheckler Is up to Now

Ryan Sheckler landed his first skateboarding sponsorship at the age of seven in 1998, but he truly burst onto the scene in 2003. He won gold at the X Games, becoming the youngest skateboarder to achieve the feat and launching himself into stardom. Fast-forward to 2020, and Sheckler is less of a household name, but there is a very good reason.

The professional skateboarder is no longer a reality TV star after Life of Ryan ended in 2009. Instead, he is living a quiet life in San Clemente, California. He spends considerable time surfing and skateboarding, as well as getting tattoos. Sheckler is also trying to help others through the Ryan Sheckler Foundation. This non-profit organization has the goal of empowering the community to "be the change" in the lives of children and injured athletes.

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Those that watched Life of Ryan were introduced to a young skateboarder that spent a lot of time partying. This lifestyle ultimately took a toll, as he revealed during a 2019 interview with Vice. Sheckler said in the interview that alcohol became one of the most important factors in his life, which had a negative effect on everything else.

"My life had been 100mph since I was seven," Sheckler said. "I didn't really know how to drink, or how much to drink, or any boundaries. I bought a house when I was 18 and I was the only kid in school to have one, so we partied. It just felt normal. When I was 25 it hit hard because I realized that my passion for skateboarding was withering away because all I wanted to do was party and get drunk. It was so empty."


Sheckler checked himself into rehab in 2016, which he felt was the right thing to do. He has now been sober and has embraced his faith and helping others. He is also back competing in the X Games. Scheckler finished 14th overall in SKB Street during the 2019 X Games in Minneapolis.

His last podium finish took place during the X Games Austin 2015 when Sheckler won the bronze medal. Whether he wins another gold in his career is unknown, but the longtime skateboarder is keeping his skills fresh even while remaining in self-quarantine. He has just adapted his training style and is using his back stairs as a trick spot.