WCW Legend Confirms He's Retired From Wrestling

A WCW legend who is in the WWE Hall of Fame has no plans to return to the ring. While appearing on Fightful Wrestling, Diamond Dallas Page revealed that he has retired from pro wrestling after competing at AEW's Bash at the Beach in 2020. He also explained why he won't wrestle again. 

"I've done the stem cells three times now," Page said. "There's helping. I'm in ridiculous shape, but I'm still sore. I just can't imagine, because I know all my work was really between 35 and 49. Now I did other stuff after that but it wasn't big stuff. I just can't imagine what these kids today what they're doing to their bodies. Darby Allin is one of my very good friends and he does the program five-six days a week as part of what he does. He's very serious about the maintenance of his body."

"He's got a show that's coming out on TNT or TBS and it's called Darby's Day Off. I was there as I watched him in a jeep, build a ramp and jump over his house and crash into these little trailers. ...That's what he does. All the abuse he puts on his body, God, I just can't imagine him and the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers. It's all of them."

Page made a name for himself when he was in WCW from 1991 to 2001. While in WCW, Page won the World Heavyweight Championship three times, the World Television Championship, the United States Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship four times. He made the move to WWE when WCW was purchased by the promotion in 2001 and won the European Championship and Tag Team Championship. He was there for a year before moving on to various promotions. Page made sporadic appearances in WWE from 2011 to 2017 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame with the 2017 class. 

"You know that was my favorite night ever," Page said on the 2Cold on the GoW podcast, per Sportskeeda. "Not winning the world title, not wrestling in front of 22000 people, but being able to thank everyone who helped me get there. And you know the only story in my brain was I'm gonna blow everybody away. I'm gonna make em laugh, I'm gonna make em cry. I'm going to inspire them."