Vikings' Kyle Rudolph Reacts After His Playoff Gloves Are Sold on eBay

Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph was not happy after finding out what happened to the gloves he wore in the last weekend's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. After the game, a media member asked Rudolph for his gloves for charity, Rudolph agreed, but later on, he discovered that the gloves were sold for $375.00.

"I saw this... it’s disappointing," Rudolph said when responding to a fan on Twitter. "A member of the media in the locker room after the game asked if he could have my gloves for a charity benefit, so I said of course and I will even sign them for you! Well, he got me, sold on eBay 3 days later..."

"And to clarify it was not anyone I knew... so wasn't a local reporter I see daily or national reporter," a follow-up tweet read. "Locker room was a zoo, he asked for them, I said of course and even offered to sign them..."

The good news for Rudolph is the gloves will be donated to charity when it was all said on done. Vikings fan Jason King purchased the gloves and he read about what happened. Once he verified the gloves were from Rudolph, he contacted him on Twitter and said he would donate the gloves to charity.

"Hey Jason, really cool of you to do this! @UMNChildrens will greatly appreciate it and I will make sure to get you my pair from this weekends game!" Rudolph tweeted.

"Thanks Kyle hopefully I can help turn this into a good situation and help raise some money for the children’s hospital," King replied.

This led to a number of Twitter users showing love to Rudolph and King. One person wrote: "2 guys that never met, come together to fix a wrong from a dirt bag ... Kyle you're a credit to the NFL , any team is better with you and guys like you on the roster ..and Jason ...stand up thing to do, beyond epic."


"This deception will actually turn into a positive! Nice job Jason," another Twitter user wrote. "You made Jersey proud. It’s amazing the diversity of fans here. Steeler, Cowboy, Raiders, and Vikings fans...oh well Go GMEN!!!"

King is still waiting for confirmation of the gloves being shipped to his home in New Jersey. He told ESPN that if he gets the gloves, he wants them displayed at the children's hospital in honor of Rudolph because of the work he does off the field.