Former NFL Star Vernon Davis Details Working With Bruce Willis as Acting Career Ascends (Exclusive)

Vernon Davis has made the transition from the NFL to acting, and it has led to him working with some of the top stars in Hollywood. One of the stars he was worked with on multiple projects is Bruce Willis, who will be seen in two new movies with Davis. In an exclusive interview with, Davis talked about the two films where he stars alongside the Die Hard actor.

"Yeah, I did two films with Bruce Willis, Gasoline Alley, A Day To Die, those are coming out," Davis said to PopCulture. "A lot of films that I've done, they're all in post-production. But I'm just waiting on all that work to come, all the work that I did, to come out. And I got a film coming up called Muti. We should be in a production with that one beginning the first week of August."

According to Davis' IMDB page, Gasoline Alley and A Day to Die are set to be released in 2022. For Gasoline Alley, Davis and Willis star alongside Devon Sawa and Luke Wilson. For A Day to Die, Kevin Dillon, Frank Grillo and Leon Robinson are featured with Davis and Willis. But the real question is how is working with Willis, who has over 140 acting credits in film and TV?

"Oh, it was great, it was great getting to know him and his team, and becoming familiar with him now, where I go, I can just walk up to Bruce and say 'Hey, Bruce,'" Davis revealed. "It's not every day you're able to do that, but yeah, it's an honor. I grew up watching Bruce in Die Hard, in his Die Hard movies with my granddad when I was a kid, so being able to say I worked with him a huge honor for me, and I'm sure my grandad's looking down smiling because he's a huge Bruce Willis fan, so it was a great opportunity."

Davis, who played for the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Washington Football team in his NFL career, is also making moves in the TV world. Last week, the former NFL tight end was the official announcer of the ESPYS. And when the show was over, the higher-ups at Disney showed love to Davis for his work.


"It was just awesome, it was great feedback. I was just honored," Davis revealed. "I was floored, because it's something new for me. And anytime you get good critiques back from a job that you were able to do, it just makes you feel good about your performance. Because you're always second-guessing yourself, I think, especially out there, if it's something new and something you've never done before. So, to hear that gave me some good confidence."