UFC Fighter Walt Harris' Stepdaughter Aniah Blanchard Reportedly Fought Back Before Being Shot

New court documents reveal that Aniah Blanchard, the stepdaughter of UFC fighter Walt Harris, "went for the gun" after being shot and killed according to ABC News. Ibraheem Yazeed is currently in custody for allegedly kidnapping and murdering Blanchard. Yazeed was first charged with kidnapping but was then charged with two counts of capital murder.

"Court filings outline that a 'subject' advised Yazeed was seen at a residence in Montgomery wearing only shorts, with a gun tucked into his shorts," staff members at Fox 10 News wrote. "The 'subject' stated that Yazeed was in possession of Blanchard's vehicle. And the 'subject' did not see Blanchard at the time. The 'subject' further stated in the documents that during a conversation with Yazeed, he admitted shooting a girl, and stated that she 'went for the gun'.

Yazeed learned about the murder charges while in court on Wednesday and was not happy as he told the judge, "I got rights too."

"Y'all have no video, no audio of me shooting anyone, that's why I'm trying to see how y'all going to bind me over on hearsay, but y'all aren't presenting no evidence," he said.

Blanchard was last seen on Oct. 23 at a gas station in Auburn, Alabama. A witness said she saw Blanchard being forced into a car by Yazeed who was also at the gas station. Blanchard's vehicle was found in Montgomery, Alabama with blood inside.

"We are now upgrading the charges from kidnapping in the 1st degree to capital murder and in this case capital murder is the intentional murder during a kidnapping and we will also be seeking the death penalty," said DA Brandon Hughes.

Two other people are have been charged in the case, but Yazeed is the only who has been charged with murder as they determined he was the one responsible for the shooting.


Once Harris and his family learned the news of investigators finding the remains of Blanchard, the UFC fight sent an emotional message to her on Instagram.

"This pain is unbearable," he wrote. "I know you want me to be strong but it so hard baby it so hard. I'm gonna find away I promise you I will. Right now nothing makes sense and I'm so lost. I just want you back. I hope I made you proud... I'm gonna keep going daddy just needs time. I love you so much."