UFC 247: Judges’ Scores for Jon Jones’ Win Draw Major Backlash

Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes faced off on Saturday night as the main event of UFC 247. This was an opportunity for Jones to prove that he still owns the light heavyweight division after a close loss to Thiago Santos, but this bout was decided by the judges. Jones was named the victor by decision, drawing considerable backlash from viewers and critics.

The reason for this frustration among UFC fans is that Reyes was viewed as the better fighter early on. He pushed the pace early and was viewed as the winner of the first three rounds. Jones mounted a comeback late and took the final two. However, one judge scored the bout and awarded Jones with four of the five rounds.

"Reyes is winning in my score card. It was the robbery of the century," one fan wrote in response to the controversial victory. There were some fans that believed Jones was the rightful winner, but many others couldn't believe that the scoring had been done is such a manner.

"48-47 Reyes. No dog in the fight personally," another Twitter user wrote on Sunday morning. "Seemed pretty clear. Jones moving forward and getting popped for 3 rounds. Dom getting tired and giving the last two away. Dom did more damage (post fight was evident). Output and damage should have been enough."

The judge viewed as the prime culprit in this "robbery" on Saturday night was Joe Soliz. He had turned in a scorecard that read 49-46 in Jones' favor. Soliz made it clear that he thought the light heavyweight champion had won four of the five rounds despite other judges seeing the bout in a different way. Soliz also angered fans earlier in the night after turning in a 30-27 Andre Ewell card after his bout with Jonathan Martiez.

"49-47 ?????? I'm done with this company," one user proclaimed on Saturday night. Others chimed in to say that Reyes was robbed or that the judges clearly couldn't see the octagon. There were even some fans on Twitter talking about how the UFC is clearly rigged and has become more akin to professional wrestling or boxing.

"There is no point of watching the fight if the decision is known before it starts !!!" one person wrote in frustration. They are frustrated about the outcomes of these bouts and wholeheartedly believe that UFC president Dana White is paying off the judges.


(Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)