UFC 246: Conor McGregor's Victory Cost Internet Personality Dan Bilzerian an Insane Amount of Money

Internet personality and gambler Dan Bilzerian made the wrong gamble on UFC 246. Bilzerian bet on Cowboy Donald Cerrone, who was knocked out by Connor McGregor in just 40 seconds during the match at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Belzarian posted a photo on Instagram showing the piles of cash he bet on Cerrone to win.

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"Puttin some pocket change on [Cerrone]," Bilzerian, 39, wrote in the caption. "Who y'all got?"

Bilzerian's photo showed him standing beside the piles of cash he bet on Cerrone to beat McGregor, with him holding up a bag of change.

After McGregor won, Bilzerian took the loss.

"Haha s—, [McGregor] keeps backing it up, much respect," Balzerian added in the comments following the match.

It's not clear how much Bilzerian put on Cerrone to win, but it was speculated online he bet over $1 million based on Bilzerian's Instagram Story video. McGregor's fight against Cerrone lasted just 40 seconds. After the fight McGregor said he plans to spend time with his family before thinking about who he will face next.

"I'm going to have a look at a calendar and see where we're at," he said at the post-match press conference. "I'll be ready. I'll have a celebration tonight. I'll chill with my kids tomorrow. I'll show Junior the fight on the tele and see how he reacts. I'll see what he thinks of it. Then [I'm] back to training."

Bilzerian has almost 30 million Instagram followers and is known for showing off his lavish lifestyle on social media. He has an estimated net worth of $200 million, so losing $1 million on a bet probably is not a big deal for him. Bilzerian, who openly supported President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, told TMZ in November 2019 he might run for president when asked about Kanye West's plans to run.

"I think he's going to be running against me. We'll see," Bilzerian said with a laugh.

The so-called "King of Instagram" previously toyed with running in 2015, making appearances at nightclubs as part of his "campaign."

Bilzerian has often been at the center of controversies. In 2014, a video showed him throwing porn star Janice Griffith off a roof, and she broke her foot. Griffith sued Bilzerian and Hustler, but was Bilzerian's attorney said Hustler was at fault. Then, Hustler's attorney said it was not at fault and called the throw an "act of God."


In October 2017, Bilzerian was at the Las Vegas shooting where 58 people were killed. He posted videos on Instagram, including one running from the scene and another claiming he was getting a gun and going back to the scene. In another video, he went back home, believing he could do nothing more. His actions that night caused online debate, with some calling him out for filming while running from the scene and others praising him for trying to help.

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