Tom Segura Calls Wrestling Fans 'F—ing R—s' in Expletive-Filled Rant

Comedian Tom Segura has drawn some heat from the wrestling community recently. He spoke about WWE and its fans during an episode of his podcast, Your Mom's House. During the interaction, Segura made remarks about the intelligence level of wrestling fans and how they get so invested in specific performers and storylines.

"So many guys love wrestling," Segura said to his wife and co-host, Christina P. "I think wrestling is for f—ing r—s. But so many people like it. It is the stupidest s—. And I think you're a f—ing tool if you're like, 'Hey man, it's not fake.' It's f—ing fake, and you're an idiot. They're not real. These are just stunt people."

Ryan Satin of Wrestling Sheet posted the clip of the rant on Twitter and tagged Segura. He wanted wrestling fans to "see the video" for future reference. Several professional wrestlers responded including Baron Corbin, who referred to Segura as a "pile of [poop emoji]." A fellow comedian referred to the comments as a "cocky take" while comparing wrestling to Game of Thrones or Friends.

Christina P. responded by talking about a time that she was taken to a WWE event by someone she knew. This unnamed individual knew all of the storylines and was a huge fan of The Undertaker. He also told her about Vince McMahon's role as a villain. "I'll tell you what, it was actually pretty fun," she said.

Dolph Ziggler, who works as both a professional wrestler and a comedian, also responded to Segura. He talked about wrestling being fake and how he is still proud of the product. Ziggler also offered to come talk to Segura at any time of his choosing.


"Hi Tom, big fan of both you and Christina P, for years," Ziggler wrote. "I am a former collegiate wrestler turned professional wrestler and a lifelong wrestling fan. I have been with WWE for 15 years now and we are the epitome of sports entertainment. There are villains, heroes, undertakers, superhero's, and everything in between for children and adults of all walks of life.

"We are just like any tv show, movie & even podcast except, our risks are much more real (sans Tom Cruise hanging on to the outside of Elon Musks spaceship)," he continued. "I am extremely proud of the incredible work wrestlers continue to put in every day and I am pleased with our product (usually). I will assume this is a comedic take from someone having fun. If not, I am always willing to discuss the professional wrestling business at length, any time, and any place." Segura responded by telling Ziggler to "come on over!"