Tom Brady Snaps Photo of 2 Adorable Pups, and Fans Can't Get Enough

When New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined social media, he immediately gained thousands of followers. As the man responsible for 20 years of success and six Super Bowl rings, he is quite possibly the most famous in the league. Of course, having Brady post photos of his dogs on social media also builds social media clout.

Brady recently shared a photo on Instagram of his two dogs, Lua and Onyx. As he wrote, his female dog finally had her "boy toy." Now the pups can spend time playing around with each other while wreaking havoc in the Brady household.

Judging by the expression on Lua's face, however, it appears that she is about to lay down the law and put Onyx in his place. Although this could simply just be a pose for the camera.

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As expected, the comments section was full of fans that were so excited to see Brady's pups on Instagram. Multiple users wrote about how they were "so cute" and that the only thing missing from the equation was Snoopy. Although multiple fans simply used this as an opportunity to call Brady the GOAT.

Oddly enough, the responses to this photo were not universally positive. There was actually a massive argument started when one user simply said that they hoped the dogs were rescues.

This comment could be viewed as innocent enough, but it actually sparked a back-and-forth about whether or not it is morally reprehensible to purchase dogs through breeders. Many are of the view that getting dogs from anywhere except the animal shelter simply promotes mass euthanasia and overpopulation. Others simply believe that both options are viable for expanding the family.

Arguments aside, the overwhelming responses to this photo of Brady's dogs were very positive. The fans love that Brady has these pups roaming around his house, and they view the addition as just further evidence that he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.


Granted, the six-time Super Bowl champion prefers tangible results, which is why he is on the hunt for yet another ring to add to his collection. At 7-0 and preparing to face the 2-5 Cleveland Browns, the stage is set for Brady and the Patriots to continue the undefeated season. Although they will have to beware of a trap game at home.

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty