Tom Brady Reveals That He Does the 'Dak Dance' Before Games

Following the Sunday night battle between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL world has been fascinated by a pre-game workout by Dak Prescott that has since been dubbed the "Dak Dance." However, this hip-shaking warmup is not as rare as previously believed. New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady even revealed that he does his own version of this dance.

With the Cowboys and Patriots set to face off on Sunday afternoon, the focus has been on the first-time battle between these two quarterbacks. Brady sat down with Erin Andrews of FOX Sports to discuss this game and Prescott, but he first had to answer questions about this dance.

"He does a good job of it," Brady said about Prescott's warmup. "He's got those loose hips and then he keeps his ... I know exactly what he's doing, and I like that he's doing that. It's good training for him."

As Brady continued to explain, he actually does the Prescott hip shake every time he prepares for practice or a game. It's something that he does prior to warming up. Although the 42-year-old QB did reveal that his version is far more subdued than that of Prescott. It's less "violent," as he said.

Following these comments by Brady, it appears that the hip warmup is actually a critical addition to the pre-game tradition of quarterbacks. There is a reason for this violent motion that helps Prescott and his peers prepare for throwing the ball from odd angles.

That being said, it's unlikely that fans on social media will be taking the footage of Brady doing his "subdued" version and pairing it with money like they did with Prescott. During the Sunday night battle between the Cowboys and Vikings, Twitter was bombarded with videos of Prescott warming up his hips while Shakira and other artists provided the soundtrack. Hips Don't Lie was the most popular choice, but the theme song for Super Mario Bros. was also heavily involved. Although there was an unending supply of musical options.


Will this hip warmup pave the way for Prescott and co. to reign victorious against the New England Patriots? The fanbase certainly hopes so considering that winning the game would give them an extra advantage in the playoff race.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty