Tom Brady Plans to Play in 2020, But Is 'Just Taking It Day to Day' When It Comes to Specifics

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made it very clear that he plans on playing in 2020 despite being a free agent for the first time in his career. The 42-year-old won't be rushing any decisions, however. He recently revealed that he will be taking the process day-by-day.

"The contract things, a week after the season, I would say these things haven't even started to pick up. It's really not my concern at this point," Brady said during an appearance on Westwood One, per ESPN. "It's been about decompressing and resting my mind a little bit and resting my body and spending time with the people who have supported me over the last six months."

Since the end of the season, Brady has been faced with constant speculation about his future in New England. There are reports swirling about a potential departure for Los Angeles to join the Chargers, and he has also been tied to the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders and the Indianapolis Colts.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, however, has simply said that his hopes and prayers are that Brady either returns to the team that drafted him or he simply retires. Kraft made it clear that he doesn't want to see Brady suiting up for another franchise.

"I can only say how I feel, and that's what's the truth to me and what's authentic to me," Brady said about the speculation. "And I have no decision that I have made, and there won't be for some considerable time. So I know there is speculation. There always is. That's just part of being in professional sports. That's part of being a professional athlete."

The six-time Super Bowl champion made it clear that he still has something to prove, and he certainly has no intentions of walking away from the NFL. That being said, he believes there is plenty of time left to make a final decision about his future.

Brady will ultimately tip his hand at some point in the offseason, but that will happen after he takes care of more important business. He is far more focused on spending time with loved ones and giving them the attention that they need and deserve. He has been completely focused on football since the end of July, and it is time to turn his attention to his wife and family.


"We are a week removed from the end of our season," Brady said. "There is a lot of time to figure these things out. I don't think any player or team is ready to make any commitments at this point, and I'm sure as the offseason progresses those things will take care of themselves."

(Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)