Tom Brady Cuts Asking Price of $40 Million Mansion

Tom Brady now wants a little less money for his mansion in the Boston area. According to Variety, the New England Patriots QB cut the asking price of his home by $5.6 million. That means the mansion, which was listed as $40 million during the summer, is now at $34 million. The home is located in Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts which is eight miles outside of Boston. It includes five bedrooms, three-car garage and a driveway that holds up to 20 vehicles.

In addition to those features, the mansion includes a gym, spa, and guest house with a yoga studio and an outdoor organic herb vegetable garden. And we can't forget about he seven bathrooms and the private pool, so $34 million sounds like a bargain.

When Brady originally put the mansion up for sale, there were rumors of him retiring from the NFL very soon. Brady shot down the rumors very quickly.

"I certainly hope not. You shouldn't read into anything," he said according to "It takes a long time to sell a house. I don't know if you guys know, my house is a little bit of an expensive one, so it doesn't fly off the shelves in a couple of weeks. I think I am at a point in my life where there are a lot of considerations that go into playing. I have a very busy professional life, I have a very busy personal life and any decision that is made has to consider everything.

"I am certainly at a place -- we have been at the same place for a long time and I love playing for the Patriots. I have such a great relationship with Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick and our team. We'll worry about that when that happens. This isn't the time to worry about it."

Brady continued and said the home in Chestnut Hill isn't his only home.

"We have a great home in New York, and we've spent time in California over the years," he said. "My son lives in New York. I have spent time in California. We have a home in Costa Rica we've gone to for 12 years. We have a home in Montana we've gone to. I think we just have been blessed to have our kids experience the world. My wife is from Brazil. We do a lot of travel. We built our home in California. We sold it. We built this one in Boston. We're just fortunate enough to have options, and we'll decide when the time comes."


Right now Brady is only worried about leading the Patriots to another championship. And by the look of things, Brady might do exactly that as the team has won its first five games of the year, and they are one of only two teams who are still undefeated.