Tom Brady Gets in the Face of Chiefs DL Chris Jones and NFL Fans Love It

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are struggling right now as they have lost three of their last five games. And while it's likely they will reach the playoffs, Brady is not happy and it showed on the field when he got in the face of Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones. In the second quarter of Sunday's game, the Chiefs were leading the Patriots 17-7 and the Patriots offense stalled on another drive. As Brady was walking off the field, he got in the face of Jones and both started jawing at each other. It's not known what was said, but odds are it wasn't kind words.

This led to a number of NFL fans commenting on the exchange.

"Reminds me of that scene in Dazed and Confused where the nerd tries to look tough throwing a punch at a bully because he said people usually step in to break it up before it gets out of hand," one fan wrote. "Same mentality here from the biggest p— in the NFL."

"Jones wishes he's even 1% as nice as [Tom Brady]," another fan added. "Pretty sure, Tom is going to have the last laugh in few weeks."

"When you know your big brothers are there to fight for you," another fan added.

Based on the way the season started for the Patriots as they won their first eight games, they didn't think they would be in a situation where they have to fight to secure a playoff spot in December. After the 23-16 loss to the Chiefs, Brady talked about what the team needs to do in order to turn things around.

"Well, we've just got to go out and try to play better and try to win next week's game," Brady said according to the team's official website. "Disappointing, but not going to feel sorry for ourselves. Try to go back to work and do a better job."


New England has three games remaining in the regular season. On Sunday, the Patriots face the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that has won just one game this year.