Tom Brady Fires Back at Critics With Instagram Post

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are 10-1 and they look like a team that will reach the [...]

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are 10-1 and they look like a team that will reach the Super Bowl once again. However, there are experts who have criticized Brady for his play since the offense has averaged only 17 points per game in the last three weeks. And while Brady knows things aren't going well for the offense, he let everyone know the team isn't going anywhere.

On Instagram, Brady shared a video of him throwing a pass to Julian Edelman in Sunday's 13-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys. And in the video he also said, "10-1, let's keep it going" and he also wrote, "It starts warming up this time of year in New England."

According to Heavy, the Patriots have only lost four home games in December since Brady took over as quarterback in 2001. He has won 60 games in the final month of the season which is an NFL record. So while Brady might not be having his best season, you can't count him out especially when the holidays arrive.

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That said, Brady knows the offense has to be better in order to get to where they want to go. On Monday, Brady talked about how the Patriots haven't been able to score points like they were to start the year.

"I have 20 years of experience, so I feel like I have some knowledge. I don't have all the answers, but I have been around long enough to know what it looks like. I think our guys are trying. We have good attitudes and we work hard. We have a very good team. I think our team will improve as we on offense improve. I think we can do that by — again, it comes down to trust, and dependability and consistency. That is what we're trying to do. Those things just don't magically come together. You've got to work at them and we're working at them. Hopefully, we can reach a higher level."

The Patriots have five games left in the season, and they will face the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. Based on how they have looked all year and what they have done in December in past seasons, New England will likely finish the year with 14 or 15 wins and have a ton of momentum heading into the playoffs.